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Project Overview


The Golden Glades Interchange (GGI) Project spans more than 10 miles of roadway and ramps and will enhance regional mobility and reduce travel times by revitalizing this major transportation interchange, which includes connections to five essential roadway systems in the South Florida area: State Road (SR) 9A/I-95, SR 826/Palmetto Expressway, SR 91/Florida’s Turnpike, SR 9 and SR 7/US 441/NW 7 Avenue.

The project has been in development for more than 10 years. Congestion is already a major issue for the interchange, with more than 400,000 vehicles passing through daily, and traffic is projected to increase by 50 percent by 2040. Without the project’s improvements, congestion is only expected to worsen.

Project Schedule and Cost

  • Construction Start

    March 2024

  • Anticipated Completion

    Fall 2031

  • Current Project Cost

    $908 Million

  • Select each of the roadway icons below to learn more about the specific work that will be performed on that system.

    • I-95 Improvements

      • Rebuilding and widening I-95 to connect the northbound I-95 managed lanes to Florida’s Turnpike
      • Building a new flyover ramp to connect the northbound I-95 managed lanes to Palmetto Expressway
      • Widening southbound I-95 from Biscayne Canal to NW 135 Street
      • Relocating the exit ramp from southbound I-95 to NW 7 Avenue
      • Rebuilding the pedestrian bridge over I-95 at NW 147 Street
    • Palmetto Expressway Improvements

      • Building a new flyover ramp to connect eastbound Palmetto Expressway to northbound I-95
      • Rebuilding the westbound Palmetto Expressway bridge and entrance ramp from Florida’s Turnpike
      • Relocating the entrance ramp from NW 12 Avenue to I-95
      • Repaving and restriping the roadway between NW 17 Avenue and the GGI
    • Florida’s Turnpike Improvements

      • Constructing new managed lanes along the Turnpike’s median to provide a direct connection to the northbound and southbound I-95 managed lanes
      • Widening southbound Florida’s Turnpike to accommodate two lanes from Florida’s Turnpike and three lanes from eastbound Palmetto Expressway to southbound I-95
      • Rebuilding the connection to Florida’s Turnpike at the intersection of NW 167 Street and NW 2 Avenue
      • Rebuilding ramp connections to meet current standards
    • SR 9 & SR 7/US 441/NW 7 Avenue Improvements

      • Rebuilding and realigning various ramps to meet current standards
      • Repaving and restriping the roadway

    Fun Facts

    Explore some interesting information about this interchange project:

    • 16 miles of concrete pavement work

    • 22 miles of asphalt pavement work

    • Installing more than 200,000 ft of fiber optic cable

    • Installing more than 750 stormwater drainage structures

    FDOT Compass

    The FDOT compass emphasizes the significance of having a clear direction in the transportation sector. It sets the direction and ensures alignment with FDOT’s goals of meeting transportation needs now and in the future.

    Project Benefits

    • Constructing 32 new bridges to enhance regional mobility and provide direct connections between communities

    • Updating lighting, and improving emergency access and incident response times via new lanes and ramps

    • Installing more than 50,000 feet of new drainage pipe, and updating facilities for improved longevity

    • Serving as a major freight connector with access to South Florida’s seaports and airports

    • Installing wrong-way vehicle detection systems at various locations and 72 traffic monitoring cameras

    • Creating employment opportunities during construction, and enhancing economic activity

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